Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Association

You ask me if
There will come a time
When I grow tired of you

Never my love

You wonder if
This heart of mine
Will lose its desire for you

Never my love

What makes you think
Love will end
When you know that
My whole life depends
On you?

Never my love

You say you fear
I'll change my mind
And I won't require you

Never my love

How can you think
Love will end
When I've asked you to spend
Your whole life with me?

Never my love

As poetry it is adequate - no more "primitive" than the songs of Campion and Spenser, Raleigh or Shakespeare. Set to the harmonies of The Association, it was exactly on time for that first heavy crush…the one so sweet it was painful. So sweet and painful nothing else quite comes up to it.

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Said to be the best six-part harmony team. But that was part of the problem: the Beach Boys could do as much in Brian Wilson's "God Only Knows What I'd Do Without You!"...with four men. Joni Mitchell solo could cover the same harmonic range in "Chelsea Morning".

During the long boring hours at work I thought of the Association.

It's Guy Music, not Chick Music…not Michael Bolton making the Chicks swoon. It is troubadour stuff - idolizing women is another way men reach for transcendence, like religion, political ideas or art.

And "Cherish" isn't really about Unrequited Love (as the troubadours knew) it is about Doomed Love…because no matter what happens, young lovers won't stay young, but "as chimney-sweepers come to dust".

Better she doesn't love you back. Or take her virginity, hit it about thirty more times, and find a way to break off. Nothing is added if it continues. Nothing to that sweet and painful Thing, anyway.

Oh I could say I need you
But then you'd realize
That I want you
Just like a thousand other guys
Who'd say they loved you
With all the rest of their lies
When all they wanted
Was to touch your face, your hands
And gaze into your eyes…

That WAS all I wanted, during that first heavy crush…. I didn't even understand sex. The Association didn't have an album. We listened on AM radio.

It was enough. Better than anything since.



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