Saturday, April 29, 2006

Jumping Over Ponies

We were having a rain squall this afternoon and I finally had a chance to watch the first part of Children of Paradise. The Street of Crime. What amazingly inspired performances this movie has! They are transcendent. I have been resisting watching it for weeks and weeks for some reason, mostly I expect because it is “serious” cinema.

It was either that or Hulk , the Ang Lee one. I am a big fan of Marvel comics, a little known factoid about me, one even I forget on occasion.

My sister and I saw the trailer for the new X-Men: The Last Stand movie when we saw V for Vendetta over Easter weekend. The Last Stand is due out May 26th.

I knew this guy, a great friend who waited a whole year to trust me enough to tell me he had a passion for X-Men. He is Vietnamese, was raised a Communist, and when he was about 13 he was pulled from his home, and his family to come to the US as a gifted violin prodigy. He only knew a few words of English until he found a stash of X-Men comics in a neighbor’s basement and fell in love.

He actually showed me his prized possession, for which I still feel honored, a few days before leaving Portland to go to Boston to join his amazing family that has slowly but surely reconstituted itself here, #2. He has a #2.

He would get such a kick knowing I succumbed and got a tattoo on my lower back a few years ago. When he passed his final CFA exam he had a Klingon phrase tattooed around his ankle. It is Klingon script and is quite beautiful. He hid it from me for weeks because he knew I thought tattoos were in poor taste.

What I really want to do is get back to watching my secret vice. I am now on Season Three of Highlander . It is just awful and I love it. Go figure.

Actually I felt better about it when I found out recently that Adrian Paul (who is not the brightest bulb on the block) was a serious, and I expect quite gifted, dancer before he got the series. He is always dancing in the outtakes, which they have on the DVD.

Oh and as Iris Dement says in Sweet is The Melody “The dance floor is for gliding and not jumping over ponies…” Or cutting off heads I suppose…

Oh well.


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