Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rock Logic

The Rockrose Moon (A Serial Fiction) Part 48

So I am reading, and in one case listening to, books on anger.

Yesterday after work I curled up in a big pile of blankets and listened for three hours, half dreamed Don’t Bite the Hook, a workshop on the patience narrative from, chapter 5 written by Shantideva .

Afterwards Ross took me out to Sweet Masterpiece for a hot chocolate, as I hadn’t eaten all day and he wanted to celebrate the time change.

I was telling him about the part in the workshop where Pema Chödrön talks about this thing a translator named Gunther Some-body-or-other told her... that Westerners use Rock Logic. (this is this and that is that…) hard logic and that Tibetans use Water Logic.

I like the idea of Water Logic. A flowing mutable thing.

Audrey Elizabeth was telling me this week about this amazing book she just finished reading Good Calories Bad Calories. She says that he says in the book that they used to shoot anorexics like me up with insulin to make them hungry.

I suppose that is better than my father (the year both my parents died) throwing a hot cup of coffee at my back as I was leaning over the huge unabridged dictionary in his study because he was so frustrated at me for not eating.

I’d much rather have a hot chocolate and the ensuing truffle than a shot of insulin, truly I would.

Apparently this book is just amazingly radical and subversive, kind of like the koans I’ve been working with.

Obviously, a tendency towards anger is as hereditary as are huge honking hips.

I’ll take the anger any day.

I think I’ll try water logic and flow around that idea and see if I can find a way to work with it that gives me some relief.


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it's a vivid description - the coffee thrown by the frustrated father.

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