Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Endlessly Connected

A long time ago Andrew picked up a bumper sticker in the Bay Area from Snow Lion Publications with two beautiful symbols on it. Turned out they were Meander Knots. This is a sacred symbol seen most often these days as a design in Turkish rugs and in Tibetan Buddhism. It is used daily in the Shambhala tradition here in the States.

He has read extensively in the cannon and knows his demons and his deities. As I am a Buddhist, practicing currently in the Zen tradition but drawn towards the Tibetan way of doing things, when we each decided to get a tattoo a few years back it was an easy choice to go with this elegant simple one color design.

This Sunday I read the thoughtful and disturbing article in the New York Times about the "problem" of Tibet and about the poet and activist Tenzin Tsundue.

I had seen the remarkable interview with Charlie Rose and the Dalai Lama a few weeks back where he talked about the autonomous region of Tibet as opposed to a free Tibet.

The terrible and disturbing history of Tibet in the last century is chronicled in a most engaging series of books by the mystery thriller writer Eliot Pattison; starting with his book The Skull Mantra.

It follows the Han Chinese investigator Shan as his life begins again in a Tibetan prison camp for exposing corruption at home. He's lost everything and is cared for by the monks and Lamas he is housed with.

Except for some poetry books and a few other things we read very different books but we both have enjoyed, thought and talked endlessly about these books and the "problem" of Tibet.

We encourage you to do the same.



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