Sunday, January 01, 2006

Flying Solo

We hope you all had a festive and cheerful turning of the year.

Andrew has decided that, at least for now, he would like this blog to be all about me. He feels our voices are so different that those that might drop by to read me would be disconcerted by his conservative fervor and stridency, and those looking for his somewhat sharp perspective and bold opinion-giving might find my tentative and less articulate posts, a miss.

I very much like the mix, it works for us, albeit at times contentiously, in the real world as friends. Friends we remain.

If he does decide to continue writing blog posts we will create a new one and link it to this one so that you can still follow the convoluted trail we leave after all our reading, thinking and conversation.

This last six-months, with his featured reading at Borders and his chapbook preparation and publication, things here at The Knot have been focused on him.

Maybe it is time for me to step out from the shadows and flex my muscles at expressing opinions and sharing observations and favorite links about this rich mess we find ourselves living in.

Who knows how often I'll be able to post?

Stand by and stay tuned! The adventure continues.


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