Saturday, May 27, 2006

But Then Again…

Little did I know that when I took this picture of a beautiful old stone church in downtown Portland last December that it would become my new work home! The church was built in the 1890s and has the most beautiful wood and windows I’ve seen in this city.

Yesterday was my last day at the temp job that has been sucking the life force, prana, right out of me and I start the permanent position at the church next Thursday.

This is all quite funny, as I had decided to pull up stakes and move to Seattle to be closer to a friend who has brain tumors and my most enchanting five-year-old great niece. Both ends of the life spectrum there…

Everybody knew, trucks were being discussed and I was days away from giving notice on my place when the call came in for the interview. I didn’t want the job but thought the interview might be good practice for me.

You turn your back and walk away and the thing you need comes calling after you.

Ah, but to have the courage to make that turning…

I think I’ll write a post this weekend about marketing, or our lack of it, but in the meantime do read this thoughtful review of our second chapbook, published just this last March here. It is the post called This Brave Bare World.


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