Saturday, August 12, 2006

Blame It On Michel

…or Twenty Two Reasons I Haven’t Been to Yoga Class In A Week

1. Michel Gondry, I started watching “The Work of Michel Gondry” on DVD last night and highly recommend it. It is five hours of his stuff on one DVD that you turn over like we used to do with records.

2. I have been working at a level of intensity that is impossible to sustain and I am feeling strong resistance to having anyone tell me what to do.

3. I mildly burned the bottoms of my toes on the hot sand at the river last Saturday and the bottoms of my big toes are doing their weird annual summer splitting thing again for the third year in a row. What is up with that? It makes the down dog uncomfortable to sustain.

4. Low energy, I have been exhausted all year starting with the temp job from hell in January that just sucked the life force right out of me and never really recovered.

5. I wrote a poem that was inspired by seeing an abandoned farm house from the window of a train a few weeks back.

6. I went on a way fun urban day hike with my brother-in-law out of “Portland Hill Walks” by Laura O. Foster. We chose #2 and my legs still hurt two days later! It was worth it.

7. My big male cat Sam has been encouraging me to stay home by sitting in my lap and purring.

8. Above mentioned cat also encouraged a restart of my meditation practice by behaving as mentioned.

9. The light in the evenings has been fabulous.

10. There are signs of fall everywhere, from dry leaves to spider webs to the biggest pumpkins in the crop down the street in years!

11. Some hawks or owls introduced themselves into the neighborhood and the huge raucous flock of crows that pass through here every morning and night has abated to create this marvelous silence to soak up.

12. I’ve been practicing at home on my own, not challenging myself but doing enough to stay open and less than stiff.

13. A brief foray back into the Blogosphere! Yay!

14. The war in the Middle East. Whenever I am procrastinating or feeling blue I always throw world conflicts into my excuse bag as the weight of them expresses the weight I feel inside.

15. A chance to send emails to neglected friends and exs.

16. The NY Times. I always find inspiration there, always.

17. Getting my Laundry done. It always has a big L for me.

18. Catching up on my sleep. I have literally been sleeping ten and eleven hours the last three nights. How lovely to have the chance to do that.

19. Practicing being instead of doing. A skill I have so not learned yet.

20. Playing with the cats. I only think it fair that if I found myself downstairs all last week playing with the six neighbor cats I was watching I could darn well play with my own.

21. Hanging out with Andrew, who has recharged his own blog In the Library this week now that he is not working.

22. Enjoying the rare opportunity to just be home with no schedule or commitments or the driving compulsion to accomplish anything.

Back to work tomorrow, better get cracking at doing nothing for the whole rest of this precious day!


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