Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Rockrose Moon (A Serial Fiction)

Part III
Call me crazy but I really like classical music. I think a guy who knows and values Arvo Pärt is sexy.

Once, Christian and I met with a guy he knows from the chess circuit to see if we wanted to take some of his poems for our little poetry magazine.

His name is Veehan Ree, we took him to the art museum first cause we spend a fair amount of time there getting ideas from the ancient stuff and then to a coffee shop and the first poem I read had a reference to the Estonian composer and my heart did a little flutter.

Veehen, I think is mixed race, a Quadroon, European American, like he should be in some dusty Louisiana room with spittoons and filtered light. Quiet, cute, great manners, boy that was a change.

That was the art exhibit with the Bixies. Those half dog half horse protector deities that guard Chinese tombs. We were all shy. I have a date coming up at the Portland Art Museum, I wonder if the Bixies are still there?

Toady I listened to St. Paul Sunday Morning and they had Hélène Grimaud on playing this wonderful piece "Fantasia on an Ostinato," John Corigliano's homage to Beethoven's Seventh. Oh I could have gone swimming naked in that work and never come out!

She talked about how she read and was influenced by the German poet Novalis. Christian says he is considered the first of the first romantic poets, very mystical. It says here he studied mining. Weird.

He described romantic poetry as "the art of appearing strange in an attractive way, the art of making a subject remote and yet familiar and pleasant."

Don’t tell anyone but I think that is the story of my life.


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