Sunday, May 18, 2008

Almost Real

The Rockrose Moon (A Serial Fiction) Part 53

It has been slothfully hot the last few days and Ross has kept the Gelato shop open past hours and is giving us extra shifts. All the out-of-towners enjoying the romance of Powell’s.

I was reading the Cummings biography this morning and he used the word sequitur and when Christian came over I asked him if it was a “real” word and we looked it up in both my Oxford American and my Aunt’s trusty but ripped childhood Webster’s and it was not there.

On Google we did find a cool group of classical musicians putting together contemporary music concerts at unusual venues, the next one being in December at the Library of Congress.

I particularly like idea of the piece that is for bass clarinet and nine instruments as if it could be any instruments at all. Maybe a Chinese lute, a Pipa or a Didgeridoo and a Kazoo?

For a couple of open mic readings back a few years a guy used to come with a huge Didgeridoo and play behind the poets reading.

This press has come into the possession of a small easy to use video camera and soon very soon we will post a link to videos of our founders reading their poems. Reading with no uninvited musical instruments or espresso machines going off in the background.

Unfortunately, you are going to have to imagine me reading my poems because I, in fact, only exist on the page and in the fervid imagination of Audrey Elizabeth.


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