Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

I sit in a chair just like this one, with tattered dark red padding on the seat that was Mr. Finch's chair the last few years of his life. My life without him is still under construction, what with a slightly more than full time job that is populated with odd people and stress, just finishing up my 200 hour yoga teacher training course, teaching class once a week at aforementioned weird workplace and trying to focus on poetry, the memoir that Mr. Finch (Andrew) so wanted written and photography.

I go to the local Stonehenge Galleries poetry reading on the second Sunday of each month and enjoy that tenuous connection into the life in poetry. More and more I've begun to think of poetry as a joyous affliction. It strikes all sorts of unsuspecting folks and how we manifest this affliction is most fascinating. I've started a micro-blog here, which has a photo a day and a link to keep me in the mix.

Besides missing the bird guy, and finding the frustrations at work challenging, and the concerns of living with older cats and fretting about my siblings as they face their own challenges, I am happy. Maybe that is why I am not writing as much.

Not to worry, this too will change. :)

The very best wishes to all of you for a sparkling year brimming with ease, laughter and that joyous feeling of having nailed the perfect line.