Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Distraction

I subtly mentioned in my last post that Andrew, my partner in crime in the Meander Knot Press enterprises had what appeared to be a minor stroke. When they did the CT scan (normal procedure these days when there is a question of a stroke) instead of a nice discreet area of bleeding they found a big tumor. He had successful surgery to remove the tumor about three and a half weeks ago (awesome scar!) and is now undergoing radiation treatments for the other not so easy to reach tumors in his head.

The prognosis is bleak (there won't be any Weldon Keys disappearing act here) but he is one tough guy and his spirits are good. The source of the cancer is still unknown.

Any positive thoughts or metta you might have to spare we could sure use.

Everything feels poignant, like a bad poem, right now. Hopefully we will meet some beauty too in the most unexpected places along this path before we reach the end.