Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Companionship at the Edge

It is easier, I think, to believe in reincarnation.
Especially on these days when the wasting
gets to us in spite of our best intentions
or maybe the hoary yellowed nails of such well used feet.

We know fully that someday they will be our feet.
Today we pay forward through the necessary gateā€”fear,
always the silent partner in the room, theirs and ours.
We distract it with our laughter, or listening, if only to the breath.

Hands on or not, whatever is needed in the moment
this work reminds us that the only thing that matters
is this particular moment.
We all have our uses.

Grateful to have found ours
we know the gift here is that which the person close by
in the bed, or recliner in this room brings us
during the unfolding transition they allow us to share.

This is an occasional piece written on request this last weekend for a newsletter for hospice volunteers.