Saturday, January 07, 2006

Egrets, Mezzotints and a Dream Magazine

I couldn’t think of anything specific to write about today so I thought I make a few links.

We have a fabulous public library here in Portland and lately I have been hanging out in the magazine room reading Outdoor Photographer. In the February 2006 issue with a moose on the cover I was totally transfixed by a photo of a Great Egret from Louisiana taken by George D. Lepp. This is a link to another image of what I think is the same bird. I kept thinking about this image for days, so much so that last night I actually bought a copy of the magazine just so I could look at it some more.

This afternoon Andrew and I went down to the Portland Art Museum on the streetcar to find some creative inspiration, We loved, both of us the Out of the Darkness: Contemporary Mezzotints exhibit. (It is the last special exhibit when you scroll down.) Andrew thought it soothing and I was enamored of the still lives. Gave me some ideas for some photos I might be able to take inside on these gloomy days.

And I was looking at this website wistfully at the new high production value yoga magazine called Matrika Yoga. They print poetry but I wonder if any of it is contemporary. I wrote a poem for my now former yoga teacher that she loved and put on her website. I tell you it was very difficult to get the mood, and tone right but I would certainly consider the challenge again to be published in something as lovely as this magazine appears to be. I wonder if one would get a contributor copy???



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