Thursday, January 12, 2006

More audacious, More exciting

I lived in San Francisco for twenty years and I often miss it. On days like today when I read something like the following I really miss it.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Jack Hirschman, a prolific Beat Generation poet known for decades of social activism, has been selected as San Francisco's new poet laureate, Mayor Gavin Newsom said.

Hirschman, 72, was set to accept the post at a ceremony at City Hall on Thursday. Shortly afterward, he planned to read poetry on the steps of the State Building in San Francisco as part of a demonstration against the death penalty.

The appointment surprised some political observers because Hirschman supported Newsom's chief opponent -- Green Party member Matt Gonzalez -- in the city's mayoral race in 2003.

Newsom said he wanted an outspoken poet laureate and that Hirschman's vocal activism made him a perfect pick for the slot.

''I want that position to be more audacious, more exciting, to shake things up,'' Newsom said. ''I want someone who will challenge the status quo.''

As part of the unpaid position, Hirschman will be required to deliver an inaugural address on the state of poetry in San Francisco and work on poetry programs in the community.

Of two blogs who reference Jack Kirschman recently one is this single focus one on Charles Olson and the other this marvelous find Got Sophia


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