Sunday, January 22, 2006

No Direction Home

For some reason I think Bob Dylan is looping with high priority in the collective unconscious. I woke up thinking the phrase no direction home and it went through my mind as I was taking a photo this morning. Later my fellow blogger David Matthews asked me to proof his most recent entry about Woody Allen and Dylan on Memo from the Fringes.

I am often interested in the working of time of things and there are lantern flowers that have been decaying across the street from my place for a few months now. The flowers are becoming filigreed and each shows one orange seed.

Every time since Christmas when we have had a break in the rain long enough to have natural light to get a shot I’ve taken pictures of them. The one I took today is the first to even come close to the beauty I am seeing with my eyes.

And speaking of beauty check out my most honorable brother in law’s photos of Galiano Island here and these remarkable photos I stumbled across while googling no direction home.


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